Hengxing WB510B warning post

  • Published on 10/07/2018

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    With so many merchandise in Ningbo Hengxing Traffic Safety Manufacturer Co.,Ltd, WB510B warning post has its own unique features.The height of Hengxing warning post is 900mm. They are tall enough to be grabbed and moved without bending over.The material of this warning post is high quality PE.Mixed with high-quality pigment and anti-UV addictive. Besides, there is no doubt that you can customize different colors.yellow、black and red、white,etc. To our surprise, water can be filled in the base to increase its stability. At the same time, you can link many wb540B reflective warning post by string with the assistance of its top design:hooks. Cone Bar are also available.PVC Road safety warning pole used for construction sites, work zones, in-plant work areas ,Roadway, Railway, Police equipment and Emergent equipment .