Police Lay 100 Charges in Fraud Investigation

  • Published on 10/06/2018

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    Police have laid more than 100 fraud charges across the greater Sydney area after six members of a syndicate were arrested on June 7.

    Authorities raided homes and arrested three men aged 43, 47 and 39 at Guilford, two men aged 44 and 40 at Merrylands and one 43-year-old woman in Bankstown. All suspects were taken to Granville Police Station and charged with multiple counts of fraud, participating in a criminal group and dealing in identification information.

    According to a press release, the group used the identification information of over 100 people to obtain an estimated $250,000.

    “Police will allege that during searches of the properties they located mobile phones, SIM cards, credit cards, methylampethamine, documents and mail,” a spokesperson said. Credit: NSW Police Force via Storyful