Episode 6: Do Synthol Freaks Give Bodybuilding A Bad Name? | The Breakdown

  • Published on 08/02/2018

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    People need to stop lumping in synthol freaks with the word bodybuilding.

    Synthol Freaks - wether you love them, hate them, or love to hate them, you've probably seen these strange distorted people on your social media feed or YouTube in the past. Men and women who use synthol oil injected into their body parts to create the illusion of massive muscle. And we're not talking about realistic mass monsters here... we're talking about full blown cartoon-sized lumps across the body. Is this due to some addictive disorder or just plain stupid people doing stupid things? It's impossible to tell without deeper research but one question stands out for our industry - do synthol freaks give bodybuilding a bad name?

    True bodybuilders and fans know that these kind of people have no connection to professional bodybuilding. They hardly have any connection to the term bodybuilding whatsoever. But what about the average public? Do they blindly see these strange synthol abusers and use that as another mark against the "freakish" world of bodybuilding? Shawn Ray, Tifanny Urrea, and Mac Trucc dive in to decide just how much of a mark these strange sensational people make on the bodybuilding industry.

    They also debate about the rising new Classic Physique division and whether or not it will become more popular than Men's Open in the future. Other topics include: do bodybuilders actually have functional strength? Is crossfit a real threat to bodybuilding? And does the Mr. Olympia Amateur competitions water down the excitement and prestige of the actual pro Mr. Olympia competition in Vegas?

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