Testing! Whipping a 2017 Slingshot Around Atlanta Motor Speedway | Video

  • Published on 01/09/2017

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    (via stupidDOPE.com) Very recently, we found ourselves at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, just due south of the city. Lo and behold, there was a gaggle of speed junkies, all showcasing their pimped out Slingshot vehicles. We have seen these all over the roads, but when we got the chance to test drive the new SLR, lets just say that burning rubber was our prime objective. Finally, trying out a Slingshot in it's native habitat!

    Constructed with Sparco racing components, the SLR boasts an extra-wide 305mm rear tire, peak-performance forged aluminum wheels, and premium SLR-branded bolstered sport seats for when you sling around those tight corners. A lightweight design paired with 173 HP offers an impressive power-to-weight ratio for use on all public roads. Utilize the time-tested Ride Command system to take the most exciting roads possible. All in all, the SLR is a sexy beast of mechanical wonder, so get yourself signed up to test drive one ASAP!

    Thanks to Carter Nilson for providing the amped-up track.